Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a suite of products developed bu Microsoft Corporation that includes Microsoft word, Excel, Access, publisher, Powerpoint and outlook. Each program serves a differnet purpose and is compatibale with other programs included in the package. If your are a corporate company or managing a small freelance work, Microsoft office products can help you increase your productivity at work. Miocrosoft office offers you a better and easy way of manging your professional document, presenatations, spread sheets and chart and more. when it comes to benefits and business produativity microsoft office benefits are endless.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is a Microsoft Office application. Excel is mainly used for making calculation and mathematical works. Microsoft excel is a spread sheet application in which we can add sheets as per our requirements. In a single sheet, it consist of rows and columns and cells. every cell has different address. in excel sum, product, subtraction, division and many mathematically, logical functions are available with this application. other fetures like tables, charts, clip art etc. you can find with Excel. it basically used for payroll, accounts, mathematical and for other business purposes.


A Microsoft certification is an industry standard that is recoginzed worldwide and has opened doors for millions to lots of job opprtunites worldwide.

The advantage of Microsoft Certification are as follows:

  • Microsoft on your resume.
  • More Job Opportunities.
  • International Level Certificate.
  • Valid for Jobs Across the world.
  • Preference in hiring Interviews.
  • Course Completion Certificate.


  • Excel Proficient

    Despite their challenge, many become proficient at geometry, stats and computer programming.

  • Excel Advanced

    Excel is just a data keeping tool. you can crunch data, analyze it and get answers to most complex questions.